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The best of the best! I really like it and will recommend to my friend ♥️


So I loved the serums but I think I might love the toner more. Very soothing and hydrating but also very soft I would say. Recommend

The bottle is so premium

I don’t often see a toner comes with such a good package like this.

It's an actual vitamin c

So this actually has ascorbic acid which is awsome for hyperpigmentation but in a very gently way. Great for beginners and people who are sensitive. Wish is was in a more opaque glass but will use quickly.

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Chantal Wilson

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Light, creamy sunscreen

This sunscreen is light and creamy, blends well and doesn't leave much of a white cast. A couple of things to note about it, I have extremely sensitive eyes and this sunscreen irritated them horribly, so I don't recommend applying to your eye area (lids/undereye). Also, I have combination skin, and I noticed that on particularly dry days or if I used a light moisturizer, this sunscreen would pill around the dry areas on my face. I would recommend this if you have oily skin, because it doesn't feel greasy or heavy and provides enough hydration to the oily parts of my skin. On the dry areas it was patchy and would pill and feel dry. ● from stylekorean review ●

The Better One of the 2!

if I compare both, this would be the better option for my skin. Very easy to blend, gets absorbed easily too, and doesn’t leave a sticky nor tacky feeling. On my skin tone though, this still leaves a minor white cast which is manageable. There is slight settling observed on my hair line, eyebrows and dry patches, but fortunately i’ve not experienced any pilling so far. Upon reapplication, worked quite well over light foundation, but had to really blot before and apply translucent powder over. Didn’t help with dry patches despite the HA, so this really didn’t Wow me performance-wise. It’s another sunscreen that I would consider purchasing if it goes on sale only ● from stylekorean review ●

Good product

I always order it when I want to order other items, because it is really good, it makes my skin look bright and smooth. I highly recommend it to all of you. I love it so much! ● from stylekorean review ●

Brightening your skin

Scar away and brighten the skin well ● from stylekorean review ●


Very nice, should give it a try. ● from stylekorean review ●

The package looks minimalist

I have tried yet but I trust jumiso. ● from stylekorean review ●


good serum and recommend for dry skin ● from stylekorean review ●


It definitely helped protect my skin from the Texas heat. The only downside was that it left a white cast on my face.

The most hydrating toner

I really love how this toner directly moisturize my skin. It absorb easily and doesnt feel sticky at all. from stylekorean buyer

One of my favourites!

I've always been a 8 step skincare person but was curious to try Jumiso's Waterfull Hyaluronic range because it claims that you'll only need 3 steps for hydrated skin. Jumiso definitely delivered & the toner was my favourite out of the 3! It was thicker but not sticky & easily absorbed into my skin. The hydration lasted throughout the day & my face didn't appear to oily towards the end of it.


Absolutely love this toner . Quite hydrating and leaves your skin feeling so plump and younger. from stylekorean buyer

it's a good product, my skin love it.

it's a good product, my skin love it.

good essence

it is a hydrating, soothing essence, im still testing it, but so far i love it and have a feeling my skin is going to like it

Beautiful product! Can't live without!

This is a very moisturising product and makes skin soft and nourished! Skin will feel firm and it reduces wrinkles. Its light on the skin and not heavy. Doesn't clog pores. The consistency is a surprise on first use but it's easy to apply and sinks in super quick! I don't need additional moisturiser.from stylekorean buyer


Like it so much! smell so good and soft

Gentle exfoliating

This is a very gentle exfoliating cream can be use everyday with no redness or peeling.

like this product. its texture, smell and result are good. can try it.

like this product. its texture, smell and result are good. can try it. ● from stylekorean review ●


The best of the best! I really like it and will recommend to my friend ♥️ from stylekorean buyer


I really love this . Good for sensitive skin type like me. highly recommended!!!

Not bad

This cleanser isn't as gentle as I thought it was going to be, it left my skin feeling a bit tight and dry after I used it. I like the ingredients but I think this is meant for very oily skin types.from stylekorean buyer